Sankore 2.0 is a Blockchain Community building disruptive technologies on NEAR Protocol. We educate and nurture talented individuals to become world-class blockchain developers. Together with our partners, we excel in blockchain innovations and application.

SANKORE 2.0 was born out of the need to help businesses remain innovative in ever changing business environments. We do so by integrating blockchain technology in business operations.

  • Enterprises that integrate blockchain technology have enhanced transparency due to the nature of the blockchain. All transactions made are visible for everyone to see. No individual has the ability to temper with records.
  • Our custom solution are built on the NEAR Protocol. What does this mean for your organization? You get a solution that is secure, cost effective, and sustainable. Just to mention a few.

What We Do

We educate Africa on blockchain technology and onboard Africans on Web 3.0. We provide funding and incubation for blockchain projects and ideas which promise to solve Africa's problems.

For Developers & Blockchain Enthusiasts

We conduct a well structured intense, & organized blockchain education, for blockchain enthusiasts & developers through our education arm, Sankore Academy.

Sankore Events & Meet-Ups

We host Sankore NEAR-Meets - Blockchain meet-ups to onboard Africans to Web 3.0. Sankore NEAR-Meets educate Africans about NEAR blockchain, Web 3.0 and Crypto.

For Governments, Companies & Institutions

At Sankore 2.0, we establish the right blockchain technologies needed for our clients. We engage you in evidence-based projects leveraging your center approach. We provide customized and structured support for you throughout the project, with tailor-made technological solutions from the Sankore team.

At Sankore 2.0, we establish the right blockchain technologies needed for clients, through engaging with clients in evidence-based projects leveraging the clients center approach. We provide cutomized and structured support for clients throughout the project, with tailor-made technological solutions from our well-versed IT team.


We host events aimed at educating people on the opportunities within the crypto, blockchain and Web3. These events are a great opportunity for interested developers to connect with SANKORE.

Developer Training and Education

Developers interested in blockchain technology have an opportunity to join us and advance their skills by building and interacting with the NEAR protocol. We educate developers and non-developers alike on blockchain technology.

Funding and Incubation

We fund and incubate projects that utilize the NEAR protocol to impact people's lives and solve Africa's problems. Get in touch with us and find out how your MVP can get incubated and even funded.


Are you curious about how blockchain can be adopted into your enterprise or organization? Reach out to us and have a deep analysis of your organization to learn how you can remain innovative.

Our Work

Sankore Academy

Part of what Sankore does is educate individuals on blockchain, and initiate developers into Web3, to become world-class blockchain developers.

Sankore Academy is Sankore's native education arm, training and aiding individuals to learn about blockchain and adopt Web3.

Register HERE today, and start your journey to become a world-class blockchain developer.

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SBE DAO - SANKORE Bounty Ecosystem

A DAO- decentralized autonomous organization, is a business structure where control is spread out rather than hierarchical.

DAOs are organized using smart contracts, with participants using governance tokens to vote on topics such as fund allocation.

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Sankore Climate - Open Forest Protocol Regional partner

OFP is accelerating the global response to climate change via nature-based solutions. Compared to other climate solutions, nature-based solutions are relatively low cost and can be immediately implemented and scaled.

  • Empowering afforestation, reforestation and conservation projects
  • A carbon neutral solution.
  • Transparent and Rigorous forest monitoring services.
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Kevin Imani



We are a team of talented individuals striving to increase the adoption of blockchain technology on the continent. Get in touch with us.

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We are a fully remote agency & are a Zoom call away.

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