Sankore NEAR Meets are programs for local and regional meetup events. We use these spaces to gather digital nomads, developers and blockchain enthusiasts. Attendees meet, share ideas, network, and collaborate on making Web3 a reality.

Why Attend?


Grow your knowledge of blockchain and Web3. Interact with Sankore's certified instructors and get access to structured blockchain education.

Share Ideas

Bring your ideas to life, and get thoughts and opinions from industry leaders. Share your blockchain ideas with the right minds.


Build impactful networks with the right people on blockchain. Get exposed to opportunities in Web3 and blockchain through the right networks.


Collaborate with brilliant minds in the blockchain ecosystem. Develop revolutionary projects solving problems in Africa.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I follow Sankore's past events?

Watch our Youtube Channel here: Sankore 2.0 on Youtube

How can I participate in Sankore’s events?

Email us at info@sankore2.com to become a contributor