SBE is a DAO by Sankore2.0 that allows community members to bid for bounties and earn rewards in NEAR after completion.

The procedure to join SBE DAO is very easy

Step 1

Join the SANKORE community

Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and join us on Telegram. This will ensure that you are up to date on the latest news on everything SANKORE 2.0, crypto and blockchain.

Don’t forget to share with your friends. We are building a community of developers and crypto enthusiasts.

Step 2

Create a NEAR wallet

This is an easy and straight forward process. Visit wallet.near.org.

Sign up with your email.

Fund your account with 0.1N.

Step 3

Connect your NEAR wallet to SBE DAO

This will enable you to bid on tasks on the DAO. After completing the tasks, your reward will be deposited into your wallet.

Click here and select Connect wallet.

Step 4

Bid on SBE DAO

There will be regular bounties available to community members. Select a maximum of 2 tasks per week and complete within the time limit.

Wait for the council to validate your task and claim. Once validated, you will receive your reward in your NEAR wallet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SBE?

SBE is a self-governed Ecosystem that engages talents with tasks and rewards them for their skills.

Where are the tasks uploaded?

Tasks are uploaded on the SBE DAO. You go to astrodao.com, launch the app then search Sankore Bounty Ecosystem. On SBE you’ll see an option for Bounties and there you can see available bounties.

When are the bounties uploaded?

Bounties are uploaded every first day of the week and can be added across the week.

What do I need to take part in SBE?

One must have a NEAR wallet, they must be following both Sankore and SBE all social platforms and be part of the community groups and must have read and understood the SBE code of conduct.

How are tasks claimed on SBE?

To claim a task, you go to astrodao.com, launch the app then search Sankore Bounty Ecosystem. On SBE you’ll see an option for Bounties and there you can claim your bounty by clicking on the CLAIM button on the available bounties

Where are done tasks submitted to council members for voting?

Once you have completed a task and pressed on COMPLETE on the SBE DAO, attach your work to the SBE TASK SHEET for the council to verify.

How long does it take to vote for done bounties?

Once you’ve selected a bounty and completed it on time, it should take less than a day for approval and for the near to be released.

Where are articles shared?

Articles are supposed to be shared on Social Media platforms. At least 2-3 times a week. Remember to tag Sankore 2.0 on your posts.

How is compensation received after completing a task?

When you’ve completed a task, go back to the SBE DAO and on the task you claimed press on COMPLETE. This will send a proposal to council members to verify you completed your task.